What age range is Sparkle! for?

Sparkle! is for tween girls ages 9-13. It may be appropriate for girls who are younger or older depending on your tween. 

Can I cancel my subscription?

Yes! You may cancel your subscription at any time. Go to you account to cancel. 

What is a subscription box exactly?

A subscription box is a recurring monthly box full of fun that your tween will receive in the mail each month.

What will be in the box?

Each box will be a surprise, but you can expect 3-4 items such as t-shirts, jewelry, snacks, bags, lip balm or lip gloss, water bottles and stickers. Each box will have inspirational cards for your tween to display to help encourage them each month along with a card to give to someone. Each box will also have an encouraging note from a girl their age. 

If I live locally may I pick my box up?

Yes! Just click on “Pick Up” with checking out!