Let God take over your flower bed

This morning I went out to trim the dead flowers from my plants to make them beautiful again. As I was trimming the dead flowers from the plants and trimming the plants back, God revealed something to me. Our lives are like my flowers. They are beautiful. They are beautiful in their own time. Some of them bloom in the spring, some in the summer and some in the fall.  In the winter they lay down roots. Just as I was trimming the dead flowers off of the plant, God does this in our lives. The flowers were once beautiful but the season of blooming has passed. If you leave the dead flowers on the plant, the plant will try to nourish those flowers and the rest of the plant will suffer. Sometimes God trims things out of our lives to help you grow. Even things that were once beautiful. Those things may just be passed their season.

He also trims things that are beautiful in our lives back so that they don’t take over other beautiful and important things. If you let one plant grow all it wants and water only that one plant it will take over your whole flower bed. This is the same as your life. If you only take care of 1 thing in your life, that 1 thing will take over your life. What will you let take over your life? Hopefully God. 

Sometimes bad things in our lives happen because God is moving you to a  new season. He is trimming things out of your life to make room for new growth. Making room for the things He has planned for your life. God is always working in your life. No matter the season. Some seasons are for growing and producing fruit and some seasons are for laying down roots. You may not see the growth on the outside but God is working on you under the surface. He uses every circumstance for good in those who love Him and have been called according to His purpose (Romans 8:28). So next time you are going through bad times, praise God and ask Him what He is teaching you. Maybe He’s trimming things back, even beautiful things that are passed their season, to allow room for new growth and beauty. Nourish your relationship with God and be in constant prayer and let God take over your flower bed! 


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