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Why Sparkle?

You may ask why the Sparkle box?  Our tweens are experiencing that awkward time in life that we all remember going through. I love this age as they are trying to find themselves and where they fit into this world all while experiencing so many changes. I want to help ease this transition and help them grow into encouraging, kind, and loving individuals. Sparkle is designed to promote encouragement, empowerment, kindness, and self love. Self love is extremely important for them to learn at an early age. 

My tweens are my inspiration behind Sparkle as I want them to grow up with these attributes. I want my girls to live with confidence and carry themselves to not worry about what others think of them, to be leaders.                                      

Love your daughter well with a great tool, Sparkle! Included each month are items that will bring joy to her each month along with notes with words to remind her of her worth and confidence needed to get through these next few years. Also, notes of encouragement or items to give to another girl to encourage her. 

A few items that will be included are t-shirts with exclusive custom designs that are designed by me, notes of encouragement from other girls her age, and fun jewelry to remind them to Sparkle each day! 

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