Find the beauty in the yucky

When i was packing for vacation last week, I was super overwhelmed. I mean, I was packing for an 8 day trip for two girls, myself and two dogs. I also had to pack food, sheets for three beds and towels for 4 people along with pool towels. I also had to register the girls for school, register them for tumbling/dance, find someone to pick up their bread that they sold earlier in the month, pay bills  and find someone to water my flowers and feed the cat. I had to make sure that my daughters bird was taken care of and get our third dog packed and to the dog sitter. We had to get school supplies and get the car loaded as well as finish up all of my boxes and the work that I had to do before we left. Needless to say I was beginning to wonder if all of the work getting ready to go on vacation was even worth it. While I was packing God reminded me that this is just the yucky part of something much better to come. Sometimes in our lives yucky things happen but there is always something better to follow. The storm doesn’t last forever and light will come in the morning. So next time you are going through the yucky stuff, remember that a rainbow is coming, the light will come in the morning. I pray that each of you find the beauty in the yucky. “Rejoice in hope, be patient in tribulation, be constant in prayer.”  Romans 12:12


Much Love,


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