All Put Together

I have been told before that I have it all together. My life is far from perfect and I DO NOT have it all together. Although I have good kids, they do not behave all of the time. They don't get perfect grades and they mess up. Most days, you will find me in yoga pants, a t-shirt, unwashed messy bun and no make up. Most of the time I have gray showing peeking out of my "grown out hair color." My house is dirty and cluttered a lot of the time, we have dog hair on the floor, crumbs on the table, overflowing laundry baskets and a sink full of dishes. I struggle with anxiety and depression sometimes, I get impatient with my kids, I yell, I get overwhelmed. Even though my husband and I have a wonderful marriage, we have our struggles too. We have to continuously work on our marriage. Things in my house are not perfect. Even though I am extremely blessed to be a work from home mom, own my own business and I am able to be home for my kids, I get lonely, I miss seeing people and having adult conversations, it makes gets me down. My life is far from “together”. Although I have these struggles in my life, I am very blessed by the mess because it was created by a wonderful family. I love my husband and he is a wonderful man that cares for and loves me very much. I have three sweet dogs that I wouldn't trade for a clean house. They make me laugh, keep me smiling and keep me company throughout the day. I am so glad that I am able to do what most moms could only dream of doing. I am able to be there for anything my girls need. I have a God that is on my side during the bad times and the good times. What you see on anyone’s social media is a teeny tiny portion of their life. It is the good things that happen in their lives. Don’t compare your life to just a teeny portion of someone else’s life. You don’t know what they’ve gone through to get to where they are. You don’t know what goes on behind the scenes. So next time you begin to compare your life to someone else’s, don’t! You just continue doing you and don’t apologize for it. This is me messy hair, no makeup and living the life. 

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